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Yi Man is an aspiring filmmaker and is soon to graduate from Film and TV Production Program at Humber College. With screenwriting, directing and cinematography as his enthusiasm, he has built up his film credits within various Humber Production short films. These include: Across Rivers and Lakes - Writer and Director; Meters Running - Director of Photography; I Wanna Be Famous - Director of Photography; Look Up - Camera Operator. 


Before he resided in Markham, Ontario, Yi Man had worked in magazines and advertising field in Shanghai, China for over a decade, with long-term side projects in photography and music. His award-winning photography work has been included in photo festivals and has been exhibited in galleries in China and UK. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Tongji University. 



Writer, Director - ACROSS RIVERS AND LAKES - Humber Production, 10min,  Comedy - Apr. 2022

Director of Photography - METER'S RUNNING - Humber Production, 10min, Comedy - Apr. 2022  


Director of Photography - I WANNA BE FAMOUS  - Humber Production, 10min, Comedy Apr. 2022


Casting Director - NISWAYAKAN  - Humber Production, 10min, Drama Apr. 2022                     

1st AC - HE, WHO LOVES ME  - Humber Production, 10min, Sci-Fi Apr. 2022      

Boom Op - BAD GUYS - Humber Production, 10min, Comedy - Apr. 2021

2nd AC, Sound Effects - PRIVATE EYE AND APPLE PIE - Humber Production, 10min, Comedy Apr. 2021

Cam Op, Sound Mixer -   LOOK UP  - Humber Production, 10min, Documentary - Dec. 2020

Writer, Director, DOP, Editor -  THE ZOO - Humber Production, 4min, Thriller - Apr. 2020

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Exhibitions and Performances

2019 - Exit Plan, SVA-NYC Art Platform, Shanghai, China.

2017 - ‘Fantasy Creator’, K11 Museum, Shanghai, China.

2017 - ‘Fuzz Fuzz’, SVA-NYC Art Platform, Shanghai, China.

2016 - EXPECTATION, SVA-NYC Art Platform, Shanghai, China.

2016 - Lighthouse X Wave Vol3, Ningbo, China.

2016 - The Centaurs Episode X, Shanghai, China.

2015 - ‘Nv Ti Lun’ Group Exhibition, Shanghai, China.

2015 - ‘Heat Death’ @Lineout Livehouse, Hangzhou, China.

2015 - ‘Summer Voyage’ @MAO Livehouse, Shanghai, China.

2015 - The Centaurs Episode III, Shanghai, China.

2014 - ‘Audition for Illusion’ Experimental Art Performance, Shanghai, China.

2013 - Beijing International Photography Biennial, Beijing, China.

2012 - Tai Pei Photo Festival, Tai Pei, Taiwan.

2012 - ‘A Lecture Upon The Shadow’, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK.

2012 - Ji Nan International Photography Biennial, Shandong, China.

2012 - Da Li International Photo Festival, Yunnan, China.

2012 - ‘A Lecture Upon The Shadow’, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai, China.

2012 - Artbosphorus Contemporary Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey.

2011 - ‘Memory of Water’ Man Yi Solo Photography Exhibition, Beijing, China.

2011 - Lian Zhou International Photo Festival, Guangdong, China.

2010 - 'Little World' KIC Open Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China.

2010 - ‘No Time to Think’ Open Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China.

Photography Awards

2012 - Best Photography Exhibition Award, Ji Nan International Photography Biennial.

2012 - Best Ten Photographers Award, Asia Pioneer Photographer Foundation.

Reviews and Interviews

2017 - ‘About Fuzz Fuzz’ Liang Yue + Man Yi Interview with Hu Renyi, on

2012 - ‘Dreamer in search of material intimacy’ by Hai Jie, Oriental Art Magazine, Nov.

2012 - ‘Moments of Death’ by R. A. Suri, Song Ya Feng Art Journal, May.

2012 - ‘Exploring the Beauty of Shadows’, Homeland Magazine, 76th Issue, Mar.



2011 - ‘Memory of Water’, Self-Printed Book.

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